About Us | Our Ethos and Mission


Since 2006 Professional Whey® has been committed to being a totally clean and pure sports nutrition company, providing the purest and cleanest protein powders and supplements without any of the added negative ingredients you normally find. At the heart of Professional Whey® we are passionate about clean sports nutrition (minus the nasty ingredients) being utilised alongside the nourishment of organic wholefoods. 

We have always been aware that wholefoods are the foundation of healthy nutrition. Sports nutrition and supplements are there to build upon such a foundation. Read about our story and history here.

Quality Nutrition

We are one the very few brands in Australia to source and manufacture some of the world’s cleanest protein powders and sports nutrition from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, USA, Brazil and Peru along with many of the world’s finest organic superfoods, organic wholefoods and organic flavourings – so you know you cannot get any better quality in your nutrition.


We have made the highest quality sports nutrition significantly more affordable with an online approach. This enable us to cut out the middleman and offer bulk discount prices.

Supplements That Work

We don't sell every sports supplement or amino acid, because we stick to what we know works and remove the ones that don’t. With so many new supplements and hype on the market, we remove the confusion of what works and what doesn't through research and testing.

Stim/Test Boosting Free Zone

Our ethical approach means we take a long term vision when it comes to health. That is why there is a couple of popular supplement categories we do not sell. They are fat burning/pre workout stimulants and testosterone boosters. Why? Because most fat burners/pre workout stimulants work by increasing adrenaline and so called testosterone boosters (as most of them don’t increase testosterone) are not free of negative side effects when taken in the long term. Whilst both supplements may appear to offer short term results, it is our opinion they are not healthy in the long or short term.

Quality Assurance

All our products and ingredients are sourced through our HACCP approved supplier program to conform to strict quality control. Our products are then blended/packaged, warehoused and distributed from our very own HACCP and NSW Food Authority licensed facility. This enables us to have complete control of our quality assurance and confidence to know exactly what and how much is going into our products. So we are not compromised by any third party manufacturer or packaging company. Also in our facility we do not pack any products for 3rd parties, so there is no risk of inadvertent cross contamination of prohibited substances from 3rd party ingredients like testosterone boosters or stimulants.

Speedy Service

Our aim is to respond to your enquires within a few working hours and have your order shipped out on the same day you purchase, if ordered before 2pm AEDT/AEST.