Collagen Hydrolysate

  • Made in Germany from Cow Bones
  • Supports your Body's Collagen Supply
  • Aids Growth & Repair of Muscle Tissue
  • Fast Absorption
Weight & Flavour

500g Natural

5 out of 5 stars from 9 reviews
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Professional Whey Collagen Hydrolysate is a bioactive collagen peptide protein which supports the body’s own collagen supplies found in bones, joints, skin, hair and nails.

It is unique in that it is made from the collagen of beef bones (not the skin or hides) and clinical studies have indicated that bone collagen has a higher stimulatory effect on bone collagen and osteoblasts than the collagen from skin or hides. Plus there is also some carry over to benefit other cells in the body such as skin, nails, hair and muscle. This is all due to the low molecular weight and the high bio availability of bone collagen.

It also contains over 20 amino acids, predominantly glycine, lysine, proline and hydroxyproline as well as contains eight of the nine essential amino acids which aid the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Made in Germany (where the use of synthetic growth hormones are banned), it is hydrolysed through a proprietary enzyme process. Due to the hydrolysis, it has a low molecular weight - achieving better bone support - and gives such great bioavailability, that most is absorbed within 30 minutes.

It is a fully dissolvable and neutral in taste and is therefore perfect for using in a protein shake, smoothies, yoghurts or for cooking some of your favourite recipes. The facts are:

  • Made in Germany from the collagen of Beef Bones
  • Free from synthetic growth hormones.
  • Low molecular weight - achieving better bone support
  • Very High Protein providing over 90g per 100g
  • Zero Carb
  • Zero Fat
  • Mixes easily in water, milk & fruit juice.
  • Pure, untouched with no fillers, preservatives or flavourings.
  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free, Low FODMAP
  • Halal Approved

As it's made from bones, it is the bone broth of protein powders but without the bones or slow cooker. Available in 500g bags and in our bulk buy discounts.

  • Made in Germany from Cow Bones
  • Supports your Body's Collagen Supply
  • Aids Growth & Repair of Muscle Tissue
  • Fast Absorption

Consume 1-2 tablespoons into 200ml milk or water until dissolved in a shaker.

Serving Size: 15g

Servings Per 500g Pack: 33

Ingredients: 100% Hydrolysed Collagen

  Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1502
Calories 359
Protein 90g
Fat – total 0g
Carbohydrates – total 0g
Carbohydrates – sugars 0g
Sodium <2000mg
Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen (from bovine bone) 100g

Great product

By: on 9 October 2019
Very happy, I have felt more agile since taking this product


By: on 4 July 2019
First time I have gotten this product. Initially I was put off by the price. I have been using it in cooking to provide extra collagen in my meals. Reminds me of a really well cooked stew.

Joint health

By: on 12 January 2019
I have been adding the collagen hydrolysate to my breakfast cereal or protein shake for over 6 months and believe it has assisted with my joint health (as i am now on the other side of 50). It has no distinctive flavour or smell and is easily mixed with other ingredients. A great product.

Excellent Service

By: on 5 January 2019
The product is great, appears to be working as I'd hoped & is quick & easy to blend into a cup of coffee. We had some issues with the delivery but they were resolved by the outstandingly responsive & helpful crew at Professional Whey. I'd not hesitate to recommend the product or the company.

Great product

By: on 26 September 2018
This powder is wonderfully creamy and smooth, and has no flavour of its own, so it blends well with anything you add it to. I have been adding it to cold vegetable juices, and to warm cacao drinks and soups instead of cream or milk - just add when serving, do not cook. Great stuff, I can't have enough of it. So much easier to take than bone broth.


By: on 2 August 2017
Will purchase again

One of the Best!

By: on 18 April 2017
I have been taking collagen/gelatine for about 4 years. I used to take Great Lakes but I do find this is as good as it is. Mixed two tablespoon with my oats or coffee/tea in the morning and manuka honey drink at night for good night sleep. After taking it consistently for few months, less joints stiffness (I do runs and crossfit, working in hospitality), skins getting better (I'm suffering dermatitis from regular hand washing). Definitely helps on those problems.

Excellent product

By: on 2 November 2016
This product does not have any taste and mixes very well with shakes/yogurt/cereal. Its got a great composition - no carb, high in protein, amino acids, and collagen. I gave one pack to my mom knowing she was searching for collagen products before. I usually have this in the morning in my cereal bowl along with maca and glutamine.

Fast absorption and action with none of the taste

By: on 10 August 2016
I've been taking collagen,gelatin,msm and vitamin c for 12 months now (great lakes, bulletproof) and have found this product to be on par if not downright superior to most of them in terms of absorption and response. I'd love to see it certified organic and 100% pasture raised cows from NZ. The price is excellent and could be the deciding factor for purchasing in and of itself. Shipped a bag off to a mate and he agrees - a tablespoom before bed with raw honey and its a good sleep.

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