Organic Vanilla Powder

  • Organic Ground Vanilla Bean Powder
  • Rich in the Antioxidant Vanillin
  • Rich in Health Benefits
  • Tastes Delicious
  • Naturally Helps to Decrease Appetite


5 out of 5 stars from 37 reviews
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Our Premium Organic Vanilla Powder is the perfect flavour to add to protein shakes, yoghurts & cooking. In brief, here's why:

  • Made From Organically Grown Tahitian Vanilla Beans
  • Grown Environmentally Friendly from Papua New Guinea Micro Farmers
  • Contains Vanillin, A Powerful Antioxidant
  • Help Reduce Free Radicals
  • Supports Skin Health
  • Decreases Appetite
  • Tastes Delicious

The organic vanilla has been ground into a powder from organically grown, Tahitian vanilla beans. The beans are grown by micro farmers in Papua New Guinea.

The vanilla contains vanillin (the compound responsible for vanillas aromatic smell and taste) which is a powerful antioxidant. It has also been shown to help reduce free radicals in the skin and strengthen your skin against dryness which is why it is used in cosmetic products.

Vanilla also helps to decrease appetite and calm a queasy stomach as the aroma triggers the releases of serotonin making you feel calm, happy and satisfied!

It's the ideal alternative to artificial flavours.

A 30g pack can flavour approx 1kg-1.5kg of most of our Dairy Protein Powders. However if you want it to taste sweet, dont forget to add some Organic Sweetener. However if you would prefer your vanilla protein powder pre-made try our NZ WPI or Australian WPC

  • Organic Ground Vanilla Bean Powder
  • Rich in the Antioxidant Vanillin
  • Rich in Health Benefits
  • Tastes Delicious
  • Naturally Helps to Decrease Appetite

Add 1g to 2g of Organic Vanilla Powder to a protein shake, yoghurt or your favourite recipe.

Serving Size: 1g (approx 1/3 teaspoon)

Servings Per 30g: 30

Ingredients: Organic Vanilla Bean Powder

  Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1418
Calories 339
Protein 6g
Fat – total 4.9g
Carbohydrates – total 74.6g
Dietary Fibre 0.9g
Sodium 0g

N.B Values subject to natural variation

True vanilla

By: on 10 February 2024
You won’t match the taste and quality of this vanilla powder. Good old fashioned flavour of original natural vanilla. Reminds me of my Nanna’s


By: on 29 September 2022
Good quality vanilla.

Versatile product

By: on 11 November 2015
Love the vanilla powder uses it daily in my smoothies. Excellent to use in baking and dessert,gives flavour to products that you make that are sugar free. It is said to improve immunity and curb cravings as vanilla releases serotonin.

Great for cooking

By: on 6 November 2015
It works really well with baking, however wasn't great in my coffee


By: on 17 August 2015
I have never had any vanilla product that tastes as good as this. The aroma is amazing. I now use it in all of my cakes and energy bars as well as my shakes. A winner.

Great Taste with many uses

By: on 30 July 2015
Love this stuff. I got it to add to my Protein shakes, but I seem to be adding it to all sorts of things. My mum who has been cooking cakes for 50 plus years has taken to it and now adds it in place of vanilla beans and essence Easy to use and tastes fantastic.

Great taste and value

By: on 30 July 2015
Amazing taste, very fragrant and full of antioxidants. I add it to smoothies, along with frozen berries. I definitely recommend this product.

A Product not to be matched

By: on 16 July 2015
The freshest Vanilla Powder available but that’s my opinion. Since trying this product I now use it in almost everything that requires a sweet Vanilla flavour and even things that don’t... This product offers an awesome lift to shakes, healthy baking and even protein infused ice-cream, it’s a real treat. This Vanilla Powder is truly another top shelf product from Professional Whey not to be matched.

Love it!

By: on 20 March 2015
I've used this product in so many ways and each time I do, I feel blessed. It goes in my protein shakes, my chocolates and panna cotta. The panna cotta had an interesting fleck through it. At first I was mortified, panna cotta should be white, particularly if it is "White chocolate Panna Cotta." But the guests at the wedding loved it and asked for the recipe!


By: on 4 June 2014
Absolutely love this!. Dissolves well and isn't too sweet. Adds a subtle but noticable vanilla flavour. Highly recommend!

Best real vanilla and highly versatile!

By: on 2 June 2014
This vanilla (and the PW organic cinnamon) is now amongst of my kitchen staples. I use it in so many things, from protein powder to smoothies, to protein balls, to adding to high protein greek yoghurt to give it a beautiful rich vanilla flavour that would rival any pre-packaged main stream brand. Works as well in cooked recipes as much as raw. Just delicious. Highly recommended.

your vanilla has changed my life

By: on 22 May 2014
ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but your vanilla powder has certainly changed my smoothies, coffees and homemade yogurt! best combo i have found so far includes your vanilla, two eggs, ice, your whey protein powder and a dash of filtered water. !?!? it excites me just thinking about it! :)


By: on 19 May 2014
This organic vanilla powder is fantastic! I'm now making all the kids treats at home instead of store bought and I've got to say this stuff is yummy! Very happy customer ;)

Tastes Great

By: on 26 April 2014
Love the taste, will add it to anything.

Amazing Vanilla

By: on 20 March 2014
This pure organic ground vanilla bean powder is the best. Apart from the almond milk I add to the plain Whey Protein powder ta teaspoon of this vanilla powder is all I add and it has such a pleasant sweetness. I love the small black vanilla specks that you see through the liquid. This is the best vanilla I have ever been able to purchase and it!s organic what a bonus.

Not just for gym-junkies

By: on 6 February 2014
Originally I bought this powder to combine with Professional Whey's stevia extract and natural flavoured WPC. Mmmm, tasty and healthy vanilla protein shakes! But when I opened up the bag, I was completely blown away. This stuff is pure vanilla. Pure, grade A, beautiful, fragrant vanilla. People always think of vanilla as having a plain, 'non-flavour' taste, thanks to ice-cream. But real vanilla is incredibly complex, fragrant, and usually very expensive. I have since gone from using this vanilla just in shakes to incorporating it in to all kinds of recipes. Cakes, shakes, cereals, anything you can think of. it's one of the best sweet-food ingredients I've ever come across. So much so that I've gotten the rest of my family on to using it, including my mother, grand-mother, baking-addict little cousin and my uncle. Quite seriously, when I make orders from this site I now buy about 5 of these at a time to fulfil the demand from the rest of my family. That being said, I still use it often with my natural protein powders. For under $10, there is no way you could get more or better vanilla in Australia right now. And with this stuff, a little goes a long way. Buy. It. Grade: A+

Great Flavor!!

By: on 8 October 2013
My second favorite flavor of the lot. The organic vanilla powder has a great flavor and dissolves very well. I do not use it as much now because i love the organic cacao powder but for anyone who is a fan of vanilla it is definitely the the best product to get.

Vanilla, nothing else!

By: on 29 September 2013
I'm on a diet that cuts out all grains or dairy... that makes it hard to find anything to mask the taste of my post workout IBCAA and glutamine, but the organic vanilla powder makes it bearable! If I could add some sugar I recon it would be a go! Definitely worth a try if you want to add some real vanilla flavour to your shakes.

Great with yoghurt or cottage cheese

By: on 26 September 2013
If you follow a clean diet like me - you're probably eating Greek yoghurt and low fat cottage cheese. Yuk! But with a tiny bit of stevia extract they are very palitable - without the insulin spike of sugar. Saved me from gagging numerous times! Great with cacao or vanilla. Why torture yourself?


By: on 26 August 2013
Fantastic taste blends well with organic cocoa for vanilla chocolate protein shakes :D had a small issue with the seal on packet thus the 4 stars but the product is 5 star quality

Real Vanilla

By: on 24 August 2013
Prowhey really stick with the organic way of life. Don't expect some white suggary powder, this is straight ground vanilla bean. Has a nice flavour and is great to add to unflavoured shakes.

For cold drinks brew it !

By: on 4 August 2013
I like to brew this like a tea infusion for use in cold soymilk drinks. In quantity this may be frozen and a little used each time. It is far better quality than the supermarket bottles and jars as it doesn't have added sugar and alcohol, just the real vanilla and in bulk !

Real value vanilla

By: on 8 July 2013
Awesome product. Use it in so many things, from shakes, to homemade ice-cream. It makes it cost effective and easy to include real vanilla into recipes.


By: on 24 June 2013
Very potent, and definitely better tasting than the liquid essence you find in supermarkets. I measured a teaspoon as 2g, rather than 3g - but that's just me. I've looked all over the place, and I still haven't found a better online source of organic vanilla powder.

Organic Vanilla

By: on 3 June 2013
I like the flavour and it is easy to use. Will buy again.


By: on 2 June 2013
Great flavour, get more flavour from the powder than with the paste or liquid. Great for sugar free cooking.

Tasty !!!

By: on 31 May 2013
Love the taste of real vanilla , will definitely buy again !!


By: on 26 May 2013
One gram of this powder is definitely enough to flavour a 30g protein shake, and it's difficult to find organic vanilla powder in these quantities. Beats liquid vanilla esence in flavour and price.

Excellent for Shakes and Bakes!

By: on 30 April 2013
This little package packs a ton of flavor. I used it in my shakes, at first. Then I experimented by adding the vanilla into homemade ice cream, hot drinks, and baked goods. It has not disappointed me yet!


By: on 18 February 2013
Pretty good flavour but not as potent as I thought it would be. I'm happy with it b/c it is a clean form of flavouring though.


By: on 2 January 2013
At first I thought I was ripped off because the packet was so small. But then I used it and Wow!!It is actually about a 1/3 of a cup of the seeds and resin from the vanilla bean. And anyone will tell you that is the best vanilla you can buy. Use it in anything you like. It is super great value if you have ever tried to buy a vanilla bean one at a time . I will be buying this product forever.

organic vanilla powder

By: on 15 October 2012
This vanilla powder is delicious AND a clean, healthy product to be added to anything on the sweeter side. I personally love to add it to my coffee since I had to cut down in milk and sugar. the price is brilliant


By: on 11 October 2012
I prefer chocolate in my protein shakes but I use this vanilla powder in everything else I make from my home made muesli to cakes and it's fantastic in home made custard (the proper stuff from scratch).

Not just for protein shakes

By: on 18 July 2012
I use this not just in my protein shakes, but also in recipes. It has a stronger, better vanilla flavour than the extract. It also provides value for money, as a little goes a long way.


By: on 6 June 2012
I cook a lot - from home baked wonders to 10 course degustations - you name it. This is one of my most favourite ingredients of all - easy, no mess, no waste and incredible flavour. I've switched from vanilla extracts and beans to soleyl using this powder for it's ease, quality, taste and convenience.

Real Vanilla

By: on 1 June 2012
This Vanilla is the real deal great Vanilla aroma and taste. Come in sachets for freshness and shelf life perfect for any Recipe Needing that real Vanilla taste !

Great Product!

By: on 13 April 2012
I bought this organic vanilla to add some flavour to my 3 equal part protein mix of Micellar Casein MPI, Egg White Protein and WPI. I also sometimes add some Stevia Extract for some extra sweetness. After mixing it looks quite strange (due to the fact that it is quite simply ground beans and hasn't been tampered with in any other way) but I found it tasted really good.

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