Protein Shaker

  • 700ml BPA Free Black Shaker
  • Choice of 3 Different Lid Colours
  • Secure Screw Lid
  • Black Shaker Offers More Privacy
  • Stainless Steel Wire Whisk
Lid Colour
5 out of 5 stars from 34 reviews

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Our 700ml BPA Free protein shaker has a secure screw lid ensuring no spillage. Each and every shaker comes with its own small circular stainless steel wire ball that acts like a whisk in order to smoothly blend your protein shakes.

It’s BPA free, and comes as a black shaker with the option of 3 different coloured lids - black, green or lemon - making it a lot easier to prep your pre workout drink, post workout shake and daily protein smoothies.

  • 700ml BPA Free Black Shaker
  • Choice of 3 Different Lid Colours
  • Secure Screw Lid
  • Black Shaker Offers More Privacy
  • Stainless Steel Wire Whisk

Place whisk in bottle, pour in water or milk, follow with your choice of protein powder.

All the nutrition is in the shake....not in the shaker!!

Protein Shaker [Lid Colour: Lemon]

By: on 21 December 2023
Great product. Bigger than most shakers. And the awesome guys and girls at Professional Whey dispatched this for me, even though I was late adding it to my order. Very much appreciated

Crap Design

By: on 17 November 2023
Looks sturdy and mixes the protein powder well. However, measurement markings are not in transparent background. So when I fill up the water, I can't see the water level to read the volume of water. Bad design.

Shaker good value

By: on 6 July 2023
Very good for making smoothies

Great shaker

By: on 24 May 2023
These do exactly as you'd expect, which is way more than the cheapie shakers you get at the local supermarket. Ive always loved their shakers (had one years ago). Would recommend.

Protein, cacao & shaker

By: on 31 March 2023
I purchased some whey concentrate along with a couple of bags of cacao and received a shaker for free. I needed to contact the company for clarification on my order, they were prompt and courteous in their reply. I’ll continue to use professional whey and recommend them highly.


By: on 11 August 2021
Useful good quality item.

Shaker success

By: on 22 April 2020
These shakers are a great product. Have tried a few different brands with varied success but these mix your protein really well and easy to clean. Very happy.

Great Shaker

By: on 9 June 2019
I received my shaker for free as my order was over $100. It's durable and the little mixer inside the shaker mixes the powder perfectly. My only criticism is it is difficult to see the measurements as they are printed in black on the black shaker. I'm used to it now, so all good.

Good quality shaker

By: on 12 November 2018
One of the better quality shakers I've purchased. Solid design and appears to be one that'll last a while.

Doesn't leak, easy to clean

By: on 28 November 2016
Not much more to say there. I can chuck this in my bag or in the car and be sure it won't leak into my bag. Goes through the dishwasher just fine.

Easier to clean!

By: on 1 July 2016
Somehow this shaker is easier to clean than my others, the BPA free perhaps? Love it!

great product

By: on 8 May 2016
love the colour. does the job really well. BPA free. what more can one want

Does the job!

By: on 29 April 2016
Simple shaker, great value for it's price. Love the black colour. And being BPA Free is also a plus!

Great product at low cost

By: on 29 February 2016
Works very well. Just remember to close the little tab very securely before you give it a good shake....I learned it the hard way :)

Value for money

By: on 8 February 2016
This shaker is real value for money and mixers my shakes brilliantly.


By: on 11 July 2015
Great for making shakes but a narrow cup means using a stick blender can be troublesome. Measure your blender before you buy.

Too easy

By: on 8 May 2015
A great shaker, just right for that all important post training protein hit

Shake & Mix

By: on 29 March 2014
This is a really good shaker, smoothy or water bottle. The lid stays firmly shut when you need it to, and the springy blender inside does the job of mixing your protein powers. A great reliable and serviceable shaker at a good price.

Great shaker/groovy design

By: on 3 January 2014
Great shaker and does the job however the lid can sometimes be difficult to click in compared to other shakers

Does the job

By: on 19 December 2013
Good shaker, does the job its meant to do. Not the highest quality you can get but for $9 you really can't beat it value-for-money wise.


By: on 9 December 2013
Does the job. no fancy compartments or key holders etc. looks cool to


By: on 29 September 2013
Great shaker! So cheap in comparison to everything else on the market and looks great too. Quality shaker!

PW all for Quality

By: on 24 September 2013
Not only is every single product fantastic, the emails witty and enjoyable. Now even the shaker accessories are better then ever. Its a huge size and washes out amazingly. BPA free water bottles will cost your around $20 as they are but a shaker bottle that's not even $9 is just insane. If profession Whey create a product its all about quality for price and they beat any industry leader in value for money and product quality easily in my opinion.


By: on 24 August 2013
I got 2 of these shakers, both are high quality and have a great seal. Mixes well, looks better than the typical clear ones and has a nice bright logo. Good to breakup my shaker collection with something different!

Nut Milk

By: on 20 August 2013
I make nut milk with this shaker now! It has many uses in our home. I add some crushed nuts, add filtered water and then give it a shake. Leave it for a few hours or overnight so that it is ready for the next morning, and then I shake it again, strain the nuts with a tea strainer. Voila! I have fresh nut milk for a protein shake!

Great product!

By: on 12 August 2013
Great Shaker, no plastic residue taste like most shakers.

No BPA! Good as a water bottle too!

By: on 4 August 2013
A great shaker and BPA free, so no tasties were used to make this shaker. We all use these for our protein shakes, but I also use it for a water bottle during my cardio workouts as it is better than most of the expensive stainless steel sports drink bottles I have purchased to-date.

Can't beat this shaker...

By: on 3 August 2013
I disagree with the comments made by Wade Thomas regarding the quality of this shaker. Apples for apples, the shaker he previously owned wouldn't have cost a mere $8.95 and let me tell you that for this price, this shaker has no opposition in the market place. The quality of this shaker including it's firmly securing lid is unquestionable...I expect nothing less from Professional Whey.

The Perfect Shaker

By: on 19 July 2013
This is a great product. I love my shaker and it's perfect for when I'm on the go

Awesome shaker

By: on 12 November 2012
Great shaker, great price and just looks awesome :)

Great Shaker

By: on 20 September 2012
Great for mixing my protein shakes and for using as a wattle bottle.

Double or nothing

By: on 17 August 2012
I ordered two of these by mistake but not a mistake I regret. I now have one for home in the mornings and 1 at work so never miss a meal. Mixes my whey powder in no time at all and get's it super smooth. Be careful to get the coil out of the sink once you have washed it. Easy to forget.

great shaker bottle

By: on 5 June 2012
I love the size of this shaker, I can add the liquid I need and still have room for a good slosh around. It doesn't leak anywhere and the subtle design is great.

Good Buy, Better Price

By: on 4 June 2012
Great Shaker, no plastic residue taste like most shakers, Will not find a better shaker for <10$

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