Beta Alanine

Studies show Beta Alanine may assist in:

  • Increasing Intramuscular Carnosine1
  • Increasing Muscular Endurance2
  • Delayed Neuromuscular Fatigue3
  • Increasing Total Work Capacity4


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Beta Alanine is a popular choice by athletes who want increases in strength and endurance. In brief, here's why:

  • Increases the Production of Carnosine within the Muscle
  • Reduces Muscular Acidity
  • Increases Time to Exhaustion
  • Decreases Fatigue
  • Increases Total Muscular Output

Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring non essential amino acid, found naturally in the body by eating protein rich food such as meat and fish.

Beta Alanine increases the production of carnosine within the muscle. Carnosine buffers and reduces muscular acidity via the hydrogen ions (H+) which allow muscles to work harder and longer, increasing time to exhaustion, especially in high intensity activities in the 1 to 4 minute time range as lactate builds up (Hobson et al, 2012 & Hobson et al, 2013).  

It is also gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Available to buy in 250g and 500g packs, along with bulk buy discounts.


1: Harris 2006, 2: Hoffman 2008, 3: Artioli 2010, 4: Hill 2007, 5: Hobson 2012, 6: Hobson 2013

Studies show Beta Alanine may assist in:

  • Increasing Intramuscular Carnosine1
  • Increasing Muscular Endurance2
  • Delayed Neuromuscular Fatigue3
  • Increasing Total Work Capacity4

1g in 100ml of water up to 4-6 times daily with food.

Best Results: If always taken pre and post workout.

And also stacks well as part of the:

The Ultimate Stack (Pre (30 mins) & Post Workout (Immedietely) - Drink Half Pre Workout and Half Post Workout)
600-1200ml of Water
(3g) 1/2 tsp Creatine Monohydrate
(5g) 1 tsp Glutamine
(3g) 1 tsp HMB Powder
(10g) 2 tsp IBCAA 4:1:1
(5g) 2 tsp Betaine Anydrous TMG
(4g) 1 tsp Beta Alanine
(4g) 1 tsp Taurine
(6g) 2 tsp Citrulline Malate 2:1
(4g) 1 & 1/3 tsp Arginine AAKG

Add protein if required i.e (Pre & Post) 1/2 - 1 scoop of Hydrolysed Protein

Add carbs if required i.e (Pre) 1/2 scoop of Organic Instant Oats (Post) 1 scoop Maltodextrin/Dextrose

If you want to make it in bulk then the following makes up approximately 100 serves:

300g Creatine Monohydrate
500g Glutamine
300g HMB Powder
1kg IBCAA 4:1:1
500g Betaine Anydrous TMG
400g Beta Alanine
400g Taurine
600g Citrulline Malate 2:1
400g Arginine AAKG

Add protein if required i.e 100 serves you will need 2-3kg Hydrolysed Protein

Add carbs if required i.e 100 serves you will need (Pre) 2kg Ultra Fine Organic Oats and (Post) 4kg Maltodextrin/Dextrose.

Serving Size: 1/4 tsp (1g)

Servings Per Package: 250 per 250g

Ingredients: Pure Beta Alanine

Review Beta Alanine

By: on 25 July 2020
Great product and good price.

For that extra zing

By: on 23 June 2019
I generally only use this product when doing an extra long session in the gym or during sport competitions. A definite go to supplement when the intensity of effort is high over a longer period. Gives me that extra kick and I don't feel totally trashed after an intense session.


By: on 2 October 2016
Great product works well.. it has actually helped me train that bit harder each time I use it, there is a clear difference in my training sessions when I don't take it

Gives that extra Kick

By: on 13 April 2016
Most pre work outs have very little beta alanine.... add an extra gram of this to your pre workout and you'll notice the difference

The Science is Strong With This One

By: on 2 March 2016
Wow this stuff really is the icing on the cake. Along with whey, creatine and fish oil this stuff REALLY works and the science backs it up. Give it a couple of months to accumulate/load and you will see benefits to the intensity of your output, be it weights or sport/martial art. Deadlift and Squat numbers are up for me, Chin /Dip reps are up and in Kyokushin I keep up with the higher belts more. You will feel a harmless tingle with doses over a gram, breaking up a few grams over the day with creatine in warm water works nicely. A little goes a long way. A tiny investment for a lot of return.

Beta alanine judo/bjj

By: on 23 February 2016
Started using this product to help with buffering lactic acid In judo and bjj Training. I Have found after 3 weeks of use a noticeable increase in ability to maintain high intensity work for longer periods of time. With conditioning work capacity has increased as have rep maxes in deadlifts / pulls and squats. Highly recommended.

Intensity and Volume

By: on 28 October 2015
I wasn't certain if this product was an good until I actually stopped using and noticed that the level of intensity of my workouts had dropped. For that reason alone I have started using it again. This product mixes very well and the taste isn't all bad either. Stacking this product with creapure and taurine has been really beneficial.

Great quality and value

By: on 8 September 2015
I use this product with creatine and have had great results. Very high quality product that works and great value for money

Pure, Quality.

By: on 1 April 2015
Pure Beta Alanine. Know exactly what is going into your body, purchase only high quality supplements. Professional Whey deliver this Beta Alanine in the highest quality I've found available. Add it to your stack.

Awesome stuff

By: on 11 September 2014
Never had a problem with the beta-alanine. It mixes in extremely well and the way I take it (with my protein) doesn't have any effects on the flavour of my protein. Simply brilliant.

Beat Alanine Recovery

By: on 14 May 2014
Context: 29 y.o male weight training x3 + 2x interval running / week. Concurrent supplement(s): Professional Whey Beta Alanine (2.5g per day) taken with Creapure Creatine. Results: Recovery effects were immediate and noticeable. Highlight is reduced hamstring soreness/tightness. As a result of the enhanced recovery I was able to engage in higher quality training. This is all the product promises and as such I judge it to have succeeded. Taste: Unnoticeable when stirred into water. Verdict: Excellent value for money in my case considering a tasteless delivery and pronounced recovery results.

Beta Alanine with my preworkout

By: on 2 May 2014
Been stacking this in with other pre workout supplements and now I can't go back! Love this product!

A must for Crossfit

By: on 27 February 2014
This is one of the few supplements worth getting if you are on a budget and you're looking for as much bang for your buck, it helps you endure more reps as you start using it. I use this and creatine together prior to my WOD, about 20 min prior. You may well feel the "prickly /tingly" face when you first start using it but once you start working out you don't notice it and the longer you use it the less you notice it.

The pinnacle of quality!

By: on 25 January 2014
All the products from Professional Whey that I have tried are the best around. The Beta Alanine is no exception. After only a few servings of the recommended dosage my strength and endurance both on paper and feel increased at a higher rate. Recovery was quicker too. Will continue to by this particular Beta Alanine. Ps. I like the paresthesia affect (tingles) it gives too :p

Excellent Quality

By: on 26 August 2013
Fantastic Quality Beta Alanine that performs as expected. This stuff is great prior to a workout to increase endurance and post to reduce soreness. I've seen a ~10-20% gain in resistance training endurance, the most amazing result is the lack of pain and increased motivation for training :D


By: on 9 March 2013
Being an evidence based 'experimenter' on myself I tried BA after another athletic freind has some good experiences. This stuff is terrific. Taken approx 1-2g with water prior to training the usual 'leeaden' legs i used to suffer from the day after training is mostly aleviated and the ability to push higher power outputs for longer is quite noticeable. Effects on cramping so far untested but it seems to extend the usual fatigue points on given loops I ride so cramping has not been apparent. No proof here but definitely a great training and endurance supplement for cycling. ( in addition to a proper hydration/carbohydrate regime of course !)

Beta Alanine is a must if you want to get the most

By: on 26 November 2012
I highly recommend this product particularly if you are using it in conjunction with creatine. I have gain quality lean mass and lost body fat and my endurance has dramatically improved during my work out. Its actually well priced too. :)

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