Ajinomoto® Glutamine

Studies show Glutamine may assist in:

  • Increased Glycogen Uptake1
  • Stimulation of Protein Synthesis2
  • Supporting Gut Health & Immune Function3
5 out of 5 stars from 37 reviews

Ajinomoto® Glutamine is unparalleled in quality as it is produced by the world leader in amino acid research and manufacturing.

Ajinomoto® produces the purest and most bio-available amino acids in the world, due to their unique patented manufacturing process and 100% non animal origin.

Their pharmaceutical grade micronised Glutamine pioneers the way in sports supplementation and is also being administered by many leading hospitals around the world. Made from sugar beets which are fermented with probiotic cultures, also makes it a 100% vegan fermented L-Glutamine.

Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid in the blood and in the muscle tissue. Glutamine concentrations have been shown to fall after an intense workout, as nitrogen carrying Glutamine is taken from muscle tissue and organs and is then used to support immune function and recovery.

This fall in Glutamine creates a catabolic environment for muscle tissue. Various studies have shown that glutamine can support immune function, decrease inflammation and protect muscle cells from the damage caused by hard workouts.

The facts are:

  • Made by Ajinomoto® World Leader in Amino Acid Research and Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Made from Sugar Beets
  • Fermented with Probiotic Cultures
  • Free from Artificial sweeteners (i.e sucralose), Artificial Flavours, Gums or Fillers.
  • Non GMO, Suitable for Vegans, Halal Approved and Gluten Free.

Available in 500g packs

1: Bowtell 1997, 2: Rennie 1994, 3: van Acker 1999

Studies show Glutamine may assist in:

  • Increased Glycogen Uptake1
  • Stimulation of Protein Synthesis2
  • Supporting Gut Health & Immune Function3

Consume 5g in 200ml of water 1-3 times daily.

Best Results: Consume 5g pre workout, 5g post workout and 5g before going to sleep.

Ajinomoto® Glutamine works well as part of the:

Ultimate Pre (30 mins) & Post Workout (Immedietely) Stack
600-900ml of Water
1 scoop of Hydrolysed Protein i.e PeptoPro (or more depending on your bodyweight)
1/2 tsp Creatine Monohydrate
1 tsp Glutamine
1 tsp Leucine or IBCAA 4:1:1
1/4 tsp Beta Alanine
1/2 tsp Taurine
2/3 tsp Citrulline Malate 2:1
2/3 tsp Arginine AAKG

Add carbs if required i.e (Pre) 1/2 scoop of Organic Instant Oats (Post) 1 scoop Maltodextrin/Dextrose

If you want to make it in bulk then the following makes up approximately 100 serves:

3kg Hydrolysed Protein (or more depending on your bodyweight)
500g Creatine Monohydrate
500g Glutamine
500g Leucine or BCAA’s
250g Beta Alanine
500g Taurine
250g Citrulline Malate 2:1
300g Arginine AAKG

Add carbs if required i.e 100 serves you will need (Pre) 2kg Organic Instant Oats and (Post) 4kg Maltodextrin/Dextrose.

Serving Size: 1 tsp (5g)

Servings Per 500g: 100

Ingredients: Pure Pharmaceutical Grade L-Glutamine (Vegan)


By: on 11 October 2020
Stacking Ajinomoto Glutamine with WPI, WPC, Casein & collagen hydrolysate to get my protein levels up to 100g/day. I'm feeling energetic, better concentration, sore feet is much reduced & recovering from a hard days work seems much improved. I like this company, good clean products.

Ajinomoto Glutamine

By: on 8 May 2019
I've suffered with Chronic Fatigue Sydrome for the past 30 yrs i'm now 44yrs of age which includes being chemically sensitive, having poor gut immunity/function/digestion/liver function etc & hormones that aren't functioning at their optimum capacity. This glutamine is not only a fantastic , affordable price but i have not reacted to it like i have to more expensive products that have a so called big name and excessively market their products. This glutamine has increased glutathione levels enormously which has greatly assisted in healing my poor liver function. This glutamine has also healed the gastritis that i live with daily. This glutamine has given me the energy to perform daily tasks and provides adequate recovery from my interval running sessions and its stops the hypoglycaemia i used to get post exercise and daily in it's tracks. This glutamine has been a wonderful missing link addition to other supplements i take along with a gluten free clean eating diet that i follow to maintain my health. We all ask what price do we pay to stay healthy? Many people have their expensive sports cars, massive luxury homes, designer clothes,european holidays, eat at fine restaurants, have costly recreational toys etc but as a result many people continue to eat poorly and don't supplement their diet with something so beneficial as glutamine that as they age the years aren't particularly good years just because we get older doesn't mean we should be unhealthy, feel exhausted all the time & unable to attack lifes tasks with vigour & want to sleep every hour of the day away. A high percentage of your immune system is in our gut if it is unhealthy so are we. Glutamine helps address this issue enormously and thankfully this glutamine is high quality and affordable as i require 20 gms daily which will differ from individual to individual. Hope they keep manufacturing this glutamine as it will take me some time to find a product that i don't react to and that is at a reasonable price point. Keep up the great work Professional Whey Team :)

Love this product,

By: on 8 February 2019
Will not buy it from anyone but you guys, truly happy with it.


By: on 19 May 2017
I've found this product amazing, I have it first thing in the morning, before & after working out. My muscles have never felt stronger and I feel like I'm growing at the speed of light. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to build muscle, its featured in my supplement YouTube video as well!

Great for Immunity

By: on 3 October 2016
I got onto Professional Whey as I'm a David Pocock rugby fan and after reading about the various products decided to try the Ajinomoto Glutamine to see whether it actually worked. I've used it since March 2016 and this is the first winter where I have not had a cold or caught a flu from working in a large office and catching public transport unlike other years. I can only attribute this to the glutamine which I take with BCAA's immediately after a 6-7km hill run or 30 mins of park sprints which seems to reduce the DOMS the next day, and I don't take any other protein powders apart from these 2 products. It mixes really easily with water or fruit juice which is great when I don't feel like dairy etc after a hard run, especially in summer. I will continue to use this product as it seems to work wonders with my immune system in my subjective opinion.

My Favourite Product

By: on 1 October 2016
My body responds really well to this product. Whenever I come off it I always lose 2-3kgs, but then put it right back on when I get it again. This doesn't happen for any other glutamine supplement I've taken either, so I put it down to the quality of ajinomoto. So I always have this now - if I have nothing else I always have my glutamine. I have a litre water bottle and I always put a teaspoon of ajinomoto glutamine in there when I fill it up for a steady release all through the day.

Fantastic product with great results!

By: on 10 August 2016
This is now the only Glutamine product that I use! I Glutamine loaded for two weeks on this product (5 times a day) and found it helped trim my waistline completely and eliminated the leaky gut problem I was having. I really needed to add a quality glutamine to my diet to help balance out my system. Love that it has no added sugars or fillers. Definitely will be buying from Professional Whey for life! I have used quite a few of their products now and I have found them all to be exceptional! Thank you Professional Whey!

Get out of the Whey !

By: on 16 June 2016
It's kind of hard to know where to start with Professional Whey. I use a number of their products and have done so for a few years now. I'm satisfied with all of them, but Ajinomoto Glutamine stands out for me. I work long hours on my feet and as a result, developed major strain and pain in both feet and legs. So I started using Ajinomoto and Taurine as per instructions on the packet. The results were astonishing and fast. So started adding Leucine and Beta Alanine to my breakfast shakes as well, along with some flavourings. I've noticed a significant improvement to my condition and overall health, so much so, that I can now stretch effectively and exercise / train on my days off. Prices and delivery are ok. Good on you Professional Whey, I got back a part of my life I thought I had lost.

Great quality

By: on 7 June 2016
Ajinomoto is known to be one of the best amino acid manufacturers in the world. Most "branded" supplement houses use this anyway so you might as well get it at an amazing price directly. Mixes well and is a staple must in any supplement regime for recovery.

Great Product

By: on 8 March 2016
Great product that mixes well. Especially noticeable after intense training sessions, as it significantly reduces recovery times. Highly recommended.


By: on 13 February 2016
I really prefer this Glutamine to the cheaper type. The taste is a lot more subtle, and it mixes more easily. One real benefit that I've noticed is just a stronger immune system. I don't get colds anymore. My recovery time is greatly reduced, and it helps with digestion as well.

DAILY ESSENTIAL: A daily vitamin of a supplement

By: on 14 January 2016
I take it for sooooo many reasons and I do believe that it is supplement worth taking. If I could only have 1 or 2 supplements on a dessert island...this is one of them. Long before I got into fitness, I was recommended this as I am a celiac. It is to help repair the lining of my intestines. My son was also recommended it by a Naturopath due to his dairy intolerances. So that is the first reason to note! #2 NOW we are all mindful to add it to our protein shakes, as we are fitness focused. The website surely describes all of the fitness benefits for taking this. However, reason #3 - go.....it helps to stimulate glutathine - one of the most important antioxidants that there is. Mopping up free radicals and staying young....this is therefore again, another must! #4 Japanese Doctors use it. How often do you read about Japanese doctors giving so-called "sports supplements" for ill people in hospital? They usually only prescribe medications that are proven to work. I read scientific research that Japanese doctors give this supplement in hospital to patients and their recovery is much faster - weeks faster. So whenever my husband is unwell - this supplement is his preference. He actually FEELS better and he doesn't take hardly any supplements at all as he doesn't believe that they work. But he is convinced that this supplement does, along with Vit C and a multi. They are the only supplements he will take - as he doesnt believe any others actually work. I like to take supplements that show with scientific evidence that they live up to their claims, and I am convinced that this one does. It is really a supplement that we don't have to be without at these prices- and this japanese product is the best of them all; the most purest pharmaceutical grade in the world. It is the BMW of glutamines. I love it, and have used this for 7 years now, to keep us in top shape, and health - for the entire family. Because it seems to work for our family, we continue to buy it. PLEASE NOTE **CONSUMPTION - it can be difficult for the body to digest/absorb, so I take it 1/2 hr before food on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. And you must not have hot drinks when you have this supplement either. Apart from that one minor inconvenience, the benefits are numerous.... One bag lasts us 6-12 mths. You only need 1/4 tsp on an empty stomach first thing at night, and the last thing before bed, is a cheap and effective health supplement for longevity/add to your antioxidant arsenal, fitness and sports supplements and general health wellbeing protection and recovery.

Good Product

By: on 22 September 2015
Great service. Agreed with the previous reviews.


By: on 29 July 2015
I take this to aid my recovery so I can train more frequently and with a high intensity. It certainly helps me recover better and my results are the proof. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to optimise their training and get the most out of it.

Best I've Tried

By: on 10 May 2015
I have tried a few different glutamine supplements, but this is the best I have found by far. Only taking 10 grams around my workouts, plus my BCAA's and recovery times are much better after the big sessions. I will continue using this product, and can't recommend it highly enough

Perfect Product and Great Service

By: on 8 July 2014
Two weeks ago, I just made trial order to overseas, Taiwan. It is fantastic to have products in hand quickly with kind assistant from service team. Thank you. The taste is smooth and mild. It improves body condition efficiently. I just made another order for 10kgs and am looking forward to receive the parcel. xxx

Awesome product

By: on 21 May 2014
Been taking for months on my endurance training and performance. Started using this when I am training for a month before my back to back ( 6days apart) full marathon training. Taking about 15g a day. Before and after training and bedtime. Ran the marathon in Barcelona (20gm total), I don't have to walk like a crab and 6 days after in Rome with personal best time. No muscle soreness after both marathons. I am using conjunction with Hydrolysed WPI, Beta Alanine, IBCAA 4:1:1 and L-Carnitine as my pre and post training and marathon runs.


By: on 6 March 2014
According to my doctor I had low protein and iron levels even though I consume a lot of protein and iron in my diet. Since taking Ajinomoto Glutamine, I've not only seen improvements in gains but most importantly to my overall health as well. My overall gut health is better and my protein absorption is back to normal. A special thanks goes out to the Professional Whey staff member who recommended it to me on the phone. I'd recommend this product to anyone that wants to get the most out of their protein absorption. Cheers guys!

i love this stuff

By: on 26 December 2013
i use it in high dosage, 40-80g per day.. and my recovery is so good when i do that… i highly recommend it to anyone who is doing strength training…

highest quality, Great results

By: on 4 November 2013
This is the highest quality, and I cant recommend it enough, the best recovery and lean gain solution, I love this glutamine! It is pure with no fillers and you will love it. I don’t know where I would be without it today. I take it after my workouts and before bed and my results and recovery have dramatically increased. THANK YOU PRO WHEY

Great for recovery

By: on 10 September 2013
Great product for cutting down recovery time, I take just before and during workouts and have noticed a big difference since starting. Highly recommend.

Excellent product

By: on 10 September 2013
Mixes well, no taste or aftertaste. Adding 5-10gr to every post-workout protein shake. Works like magic.

Essential for Health

By: on 4 August 2013
I first discovered and read about the benefits of this supplement a few years ago. I was prescribed it for irritable bowel and having a damaged gut from celiac disease. but I soon learned that its benefits far outweight just intestinal issues - it apparantly was proven to increase the recovery of hospital patients in one medical study. It is a powerful antioxidant and so boosts the immune system. So I consider it essential for health. We all take it in our family for an array of reasons - and as we all do various forms of exercise or weight training, it is also considered important - as many reviews will testify to. I didn't want to compromise on quality - Ajinomoto being the best there is, and the purest on the market. However, I soon discovered this website when looking to find a cheaper supplier - and now I have saved HALF on the cost of what I was spending, and it is from the same supplier! So we are pleased to sincerely recommend this product.


By: on 10 July 2013
Recently i have been using this product and to say the least my recovery time as increased as i feel hopefully not being a placebo. The taste of the product is sweet at first but once mixed with water it changes to a salty aftertaste (if you pour it into your mouth and follow through drinking water). Overall i enjoy using this product and do feel the benefits from it during workout and afterwards. Recommended.

A great recovery product...it also relieves sugar

By: on 8 July 2013
I use a lot of Glutamine owing to its beneficial body building properties. I've worked out in the gym without using Glutamine to gauge its effectiveness and then repeated the workout two days later only this time using Glutamine both before and after my workout. There was a definite and noticeable difference using Glutamine in particular my muscles rate of recovery. My confidence surged in that I knew I could push harder and recover faster by using Glutamine. I mix Glutamine with Creatine Monohydrate and L-Carnitine L- Tartrate together with USA Protein Isolate and egg white powder for the ultimate muscle mass solution.

Definitely worth it

By: on 22 March 2013
I've tried other Glutamine powders and found them absolutely horrendous, made my post workout shake unbearable. I can't recommend this stuff highly enough!

Excellent Glutamine

By: on 14 February 2013
No taste. Mixes well. Decreases revovery time to 1 day for most muscle groups for me.

Fantastic Glutamine

By: on 14 February 2013
I have put on around 5 -6 kgs in 4 weeks from this stuff. Keeps up energy to get those extra reps in gym too. I love it!!!

5 Star

By: on 8 February 2013
As a new trainer, young, maybe not so much for you. If a serious trainer, and into things like BJJ/MAA with weights, give it a shot.

High Quality Product at a great price!

By: on 26 November 2012
Awesome results, great price... Anyone serious about training should be using this supplement. Just top quality Glutamine!


By: on 18 October 2012
I suffer from high fructose malabsorption and IBS. My stomach is in quite bad shape so I have started taking Glutamine three times a day. Four weeks later I’ve experienced a noticeable 20% improvement. I’m will be ordering more to continue the healing process. Outstanding product.

Worth every cent!

By: on 12 October 2012
This is a great product. Mixes well and works exactly as it should. Because of it's purity and quality you don't get any after taste when you mix it with you shake or pre workout drink and for what you get and more importantly the quality you get it's worth the price you're paying for it. I'll be definitely buying my Glutamine from here from now on


By: on 14 September 2012
I have been training for over ten years and can only buy pure form amino acids, as i am allergic to protein powders. What i can tell you is that you cant put a price on quality and the professioal whey glutamine is the best form of glutamine i have ever had. Due being one of the only naturally fermented glutamine its absorbtion is far superior than the lab made glutamine. You may pay an extra 5 dollars but it is trully money well spent.

Glutamine - Must have supplement

By: on 31 August 2012
Anyone serious about training should supplement their diet with Glutamine! This amino acid has so many great health benefits and is relative cheap enough to get your daily dose and buying Anjinomoto you know it's good quality, it even mixes well in the protein shake. Grab a big bag today and start getting leaner and healthier with no extra effort

Good for my digestion and muscles

By: on 18 July 2012
I take this not only to assist with recovery, but because it is supposed to help heal the gut. Like a commenter before me, I have IBS, and this pure glutamine has helped that (along with a low FODMAP diet). It's pure, dissolves well, and has no flavour. I definitely recommend this.

Ajinomoto® Glutamine

By: on 17 July 2012
very pure, no taste and mixes beautifully. great product and excellent quality.

Ajinomoto® Glutamine

By: on 5 June 2012
Ajinomoto Glutamine is a superfine supplement with no taste. I suffer from IBS and this glutamine has drastically reduced my symptoms. I take 3 to 5 gram (1 to 1.5 teaspoons) before each meal to improve digestion.

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