Colours to Die For

Author: Professional Whey   Date Posted:13 December 2013 

There a lot of products within the food industry that contain chemical based artificial colours and artificial flavours. As most flavours have little to no colour in appearance, the colours are added to manipulate the consumers senses; creating the illusion that what they are tasting really is blueberry, banana, strawberry or insert flavour ___________.

Now most "health" and "sports" nutrition flavoured supplements do not discriminate against such practice and follow suit. However you don't need a degree, microscope and a guinea pig to realise the possible damage that can be caused by such chemicals.

This infographic displays the health concerns of each artificial colour and also some of the places that have banned their use. It also discusses some of the science and anecdotal evidence with children. If you want to know if any of these colours are in your foods or favourite supplements they should be disclosed on the nutritional label.

However you may need to ask, as some companies don't disclose them fully or at all on the label, as they favour a "stealth approach" instead of a "health approach" to their ingredients list to avoid consumer backlash.

You can confidently rest assured that all Professional Whey products have absolutely NO Artificial Colours, NO Artificial Flavours and NO Artificial Sweeteners. So you can trust us with your health.

Artificial Colours