Muscle Testing Supplements

Author: Amanda Allen   Date Posted:14 July 2014 

Have you ever tried to choose the right brand of supplements, only to find out that what you have paid for either doesn't deliver or that they actually cause you problems? I'm a huge fan and user of muscle testing and test everything I consume, especially supplements. Some people believe in it, others don't, but after a few trials of your own, you will find the results hard to deny! Muscle testing, also called applied kinesiology, is used by many different kinds of health practitioners all around the world.  It is a non-invasive way of assessing the body's needs. It can be used anywhere at anytime to assess many different things. It is often used to test for imbalances, allergies or intolerances which are causing discomfort or negative side effects such as weight gain, bloating or tiredness. You can also use muscle testing for finding micro nutrient deficiencies or excesses such as from vitamins, minerals or amino acids.

Muscle Testing Supplements

Get with the vibrations!

So how does it work? The entire universe runs on what on we call the "law of vibration". Everything we sense - touch, taste, see, hear and smell has a vibration. Every atom has a physical vibration and has an impact on the world around itself. These vibrations therefore have an impact on our health. When it comes to supplements, food, people and even situations - the goal is to find those things, that are positive for your body and your immune system and ultimately remove or limit your exposure to the things that have a weakening effect. As an athlete I have used the tools and principles of muscle testing to create the most positive internal and external environment for me to train, compete and live in. I want to surround myself with positive energy, so I can function at my very best.....muscle testing is how I monitor and check things, primarily I use it as a confirmation tool if I have any doubts. The body is a complex but interacting whole. Made up of over 100 trillion cells consisting of bones, muscles, organs and glands which are interconnected via energy circuits of nerves, lymphatics, energy meridians, and blood vessels. 

The theory behind muscle testing is that these circuits “shut down” due to imbalances or blocked by illness, injury, or toxin overload. So by balancing the body’s energy, the systems are able to heal returning you more rapidly to a state of health. Muscle testing allows you to determine what makes your body strong or weak via the strength or weakness of an indicator muscle.  With muscle testing, you can determine what supplements and foods are helpful for your body and what are not. With this information, you are empowered to make health decisions that are effective for your own individual body at this exact moment in time. There are many different muscle testing methods that are complex and use reflex or acupuncture points to help determine weaknesses in the body while other methods are very simple and test for muscle weakness or strength in the presence of specific supplements or foods. Whilst muscle testing has grown in popularity over the last 30 years. 

Basic Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is not really accepted in mainstream medical circles yet but many health care practitioners use muscle testing, including medical doctor's, naturopaths and chiropractor's. Muscle testing can either be done for you by another person or you can do it yourself using various methods. Often, when muscle testing is done for you, your arm is used as the indicator muscle.The tester places their hand on a shoulder while you extend your other arm straight out, to the side of your body. Whilst you hold the supplement or food in your free hand and  your arm is tested for weakness or strength.  If you arm is weak and will not stay up,  then the substance is not good for you but if the arm stays strong then the substance is good.

To test yourself try any of these two methods:

Index finger and thumb test

Standing test

Stand barefoot or in flat shoes. Hold the supplement or food ;in your hand. State "This is good for my body." Become still, and after a few moments your body will either be pulled forward or backwards. If you feel yourself moving forward, the substance is positive for your body, if you feel yourself going backward, it is negative.

Index finger and thumb test

Hold your left hand up with your index finger and thumb pointed, basically the fingers are held parallel to each other. Hold them firmly apart, take the index finger and thumb from the right hand and place them on top of/outside of the fingers of the left hand. Then follow the instructions above, placing the substance you are testing in front of you (or holding in mind a thought) and stating "this is good for my body", if the substance is positive for you will feel the finger/thumb hold strong, if the substance is negative for you the finger/thumb will go weak and close together.

NZ WPI & IBCAA 4:1:1

What does it mean?

I've tested everything over the years. I've stood at a smorgasbord and used the two finger testing technique to determine which foods are good for me and which are not. I've used muscle testing to help me make a decision about personal choices I am unclear about at various times. I use muscle testing to determine the better brand of supplement at the health food shop and I've used it to test clients – recently a client brought a protein powder and pre-workout with her to training, and after reading the nutrition label I challenged her to muscle test the products against Professional Whey's NZ WPIIBCAA 4:1:1. She was amazed by the result - she tested weak for both the chemical laden products she'd brought with her, and strong for the clean Professional Whey products! This was the same experience I also had when I first discovered Professional Whey products. I knew they were clean from looking at the ingredients label, but I used muscle testing to determine that PW products were positive for me. Only last night I stood at the pharmacy with 3 different brands of magnesium powders trying to decide which one would be the best choice for me.

I tested them all using the simple index finger and thumb test - one product tested very weak, one was just weak and one tested relatively strong - so I went with the Sandra Cabot powder (relatively strong) - the best of a less than optimal lot. I usually get a practitioner only Magnesium powder from my Naturopath, I find the lesser quality, over-the-counter products really disturb my digestive system, giving me diarrhea, flatulence and bloating almost immediately - which is never a good sign!

As the years have progressed and my state of health has improved I recognise that my body intuitively knows what makes it strong and what makes it weak.- I've found increasingly that I don't need to rely on the physical act of muscle testing as much. I love the simplicity and power of the testing protocol. I encourage you to explore it if you haven't tried it, it's a valuable tool to have at your fingertips! 

Amanda Allen As Radiant As Ever

Based out of CrossFit Adelaide Amanda Allen is the current Female Masters CrossFit World Champion (40-44) and a great Ambassador for Professional Whey. She has her eyes set on defending her world title July 22nd - 24th 2014 and being crowned fittest woman on earth over 40. Read more from her on her Facebook Page.