Ever Tried Proats? Protein with Oats

Author: Professional Whey   Date Posted:1 April 2019 


If you have never tried them, "Proats" are the perfect combination of protein and oats that gives you a super blend of protein and carbs to start your day or have post workout!

Don't under estimate how much a little Greek yoghurt will give you that milky creamy taste and texture. It's a simple addition, but delish.


Proats Recipe

½ cup of oats

1 tbs Greek yoghurt

¾ cup boiling water

1 scoop organic cinnamon or organic cacao New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate 



1.Soak oats, protein powder and hot water after stirring

2.Leave for 5 to 10mins

3.Place in microwave for 2 mins

4.Stir in Greek yoghurt

5.Top with favourite fruit

Cinnamon Proats