What is the difference between our Stevia Leaf and Stevia Extract?

Our stevia leaf is organic and is around 20-30 times sweeter than cane sugar. It is green in appearance and is not completely water soluble, meaning that some of it will float in your beverage. When compared to our organic stevia extract it is weaker but it is more in its pure state, as the ground up stevia leaf is used in a further process to make stevia extract. A 100g of organic stevia leaf can flavour around 6kg of most unflavored protein powders. In contrast a 100g of stevia extract can flavour around 40-60kg of unflavoured protein powder.

Our stevia extract is premium grade, organic and concentrated from the leaf powder. It is white in appearance and is water soluble and is around 300 times sweeter than cane sugar. Our stevia extract has a minimum of 60% Rebaudioside A, which is the sweetest part of the stevia plant, therefore there is very little bitter after taste, which you can taste more of in the stevia leaf.


We generally find if you have never used any stevia sweetener before and are just starting to get off artificial sweeteners then stevia extract is a good place to begin. Then after 6+ months its worth moving over to the stevia leaf and getting accustomed to the taste. Initially the leaf takes a little getting used to, but its worth it. Both of our stevia sweeteners can be found HERE.